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Rant: I Brake For Dogs

Barry: That’s the reason why. Remember, I’ve seen that contraption he calls a ride.

Rod: Hey, be careful! That’s my uncle you’re talking about.

Barry: Yeah, your uncle with the “I brake for dog stars” sticker on his bumper.

Rod: Can he help it if he appreciates space wildlife?

Barry: And what about the dancing figure he has on his control panel?

Rod: Hey, he appreciates beauty!

Barry: Sure!, Tell me, why did he use that borrowed engine the last time he flew it?

Rod: How did he know that it was an old Earth engine? He thought NASA stood for Normal And Super Acceleration.

Barry: That’s your uncle alright!

Rod: I guess in a way it’s good they didn’t figure that ship out. Can you imagine what people on this planet would have done with that technology?

Barry: Technology? You are kidding me right? Some of that technology dates back to when our people rolled their bodies to get around!

Rod: Yeah! (chuckle)

Barry: Whatever became of your uncle?

Rod: Well, after a lot of years testing him, the government finally allowed him to live at that place they call Area 51 and gave him a job.

Barry: What does he do?

Rod: He has a very important job with the US Government. He works in a special department of it as an efficiency expert and helps it running properly and quickly.

Barry: Which department?

Rod: The US Postal Service.

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