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Rant: Valentine’s Desperation

Rod: I don’t get it. That line always worked in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie!

Barry: You don’t have two heads, a party whistle, and are partially crazy.

Rod: Besides the line, it’s Valentine’s Day. Women are supposed to be desperate.

Barry: Maybe desperation has its limits and you exceed them.

Rod: As far as that line goes, Uncle Alabaster always swore by it.

Barry: And if I remember correctly, all the ladies swore at him till he met your aunt.

Rod: Ah yes! He finally hit the jackpot!

Barry: You can say that again…….she’s jackpot sized alright.

Rod: Well, what are you talking about anyway? You couldn’t do any better.

Barry: Shoot, I can do better than that even before I try

Rod: Can not!

Barry: Can too and I’ll make a bet.

Rod: Oh?

Barry: If I can’t go get a woman you pick out to be interested in me, I’ll wash the spacecraft the next two weeks.

Rod: If you win?

Barry: You have to wash the ship for the next three weeks

Rod: Three weeks? Why only two for you?

Barry: That’s the bet. Take it or leave it.

Rod: I’ll take it cause I can’t lose.

Barry: Okay, pick the babe.

Rod: See those three over there?

Barry: The blonde, brunette and the redhead?

Rod: Yeah! Take you pick. I’ll have the buckets of water ready for you when you fail.

Barry: You’ll see. Just watch the master work!

Rod: Yeah right!

(a few moments pass and Barry walks toward Rod with all three babes on his arms)

Rod: How did you do that?

Barry: Talent and charisma. I’m smooth, dude!

Rod: Uuuggghhhh!

Barry: Remember, the Supreme Overlord wants all ships to have a high shine.

(Rod mutters under his breath)…your head needs a high shine…

Barry: What was that, Rod?

Rod: Oh, nothing…nothing…

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