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Rant: Analog To Digital

Barry: But Rod, you need to remember that this is a major step for humans.

Rod: It was a major step for humans to figure out how to bang the rocks together to get fire!

Barry: But Rod, this change will benefit all of mankind

Rod: How so?

Barry: Because now there will be more frequencies for other forms of entertainment

Rod: Yeah, more ways to get people to buy their products.

Barry: It will further entertainment as HD TVs will have more channels to see HD in.

Rod: But I still don’t see what’s wrong with analog. It was free. All you needed was a primitive antenna and you were ready to go.

Barry: You can still watch TV…

Rod: Yeah, but now you have to have the decoder. All this does is put more money in their pockets.

Barry: Whose pockets? What do you mean?

Rod: Barry, all this conversion adds up to is a great conspiracy between HD TV makers and programmers to get you to buy more modern stuff. They get together and tell the human lawmakers that everyone will be happier if there is only digital TV and bingo, they get their wish.

Barry: And when they do, the quality of TV is better

Rod: Ah, but at a price. You have to buy their special equipment to see the same programming you used to get for free.

Barry: But with all digital TV, you will see Six in a much better detail.

Rod: Six? How about…

Barry: Yes, all the babes will be in HD.

Rod: Don’t just sit there, go get that box!

Barry: I thought you didn’t want to give money for TV.

Rod: For TV, no. But to behold babes in HD, OH YEAH!!!!!!!

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