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Rant: As The World Turns

Rod: Or could it be solar flares?

Barry: Let me see those listings……………..ROD!!! You did it again!

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: Those are not documentaries, they are what humans call soap operas!

Rod: Soap operas? I didn’t see any soap on them.

Barry: How literal minded can you get??? They are called that because soap companies used to be their main advertisers.

Rod: But they are so real…..

Barry: Only in the writer’s minds. They are written for the audience that watches at that time, mainly the females.

Rod: I guess I should have figured it out from the names: One Life to Live

Barry: Well that title is true, until the actor or actress gets recast in a different role.

Rod: Then there is General Hospital.

Barry: Is that a hospital you’d want to wind up in ill?

Rod: And then we have Guiding Light.

Barry: I hear their light is going out.

Rod: Yeah. Another one is Days of Our Lives.

Barry: I remember seeing a recording of an old episode of that one. Thought I spotted an Omnipotent being on it but am not sure.

Rod: There’s another one called The Young and the Restless.

Barry: After seeing As the World Turns, I shudder what kind of trouble they get into on that one.

Rod: Another one is called the Bold and the Beautiful.

Barry: Bold… know, that gets me thinking. Take your basic soap opera, change the location to space, and make certain adjustments and what do you get?

Rod: SciFi Channel’s new show, Caprica?

Barry: It could be. I’ve heard some call it a space opera.

Rod: One of these must be a documentary, as the Supreme Overlord has me transmit it to her every day.

Barry: Oh noooooooooooo!

<In space, we see the Supreme Overlord on her throne, with the monitor showing All My Children.>

Supreme Overlord: Time to see what happens to poor Erica today.

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