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Rant: Bugs Bunny



Rod: Now, why insult me?

Barry: Because anyone who is fooled by Bugs’ disguise is as blind as the proverbial Talosian Bat!

Rod: But Bugs works on it so well, the talk, the walk…..

Barry: The fur so thick it need combing….

Rod: But Bugs is a fast talker! When he gets going, he could talk paint into drying.

Barry: Or talk it off the wall with all that hot air!

Rod: There you go again…

Barry: What about science fiction? Can you think of any sci-fi characters who did drag and got away with it?

Rod: Well, there was the shape-shifter in Star Trek VI. I don’t think anyone knows what it’s real shape is or anything else about it.

Barry: That’s a good one

Rod: Then there is the salt creature in the first episode of Star Trek shown that pretended to be McCoy’s lost love.

Barry: I remember that one. It was a rather “salty” episode.

Rod: Barry, you need a better writer.

Barry: As humans say, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Rod: Don’t forget the last episode of original Star Trek, when Kirk and Dr. Lester switched bodies. Now that had to be a nightmare for the actors.

Barry: Especially poor Sandra Smith, having to act like Shatner playing Kirk!

Rod: AUGH! I get a headache just thinking of the problems that would cause a person, male or female.

Barry: But we have left off the one creature that when it appears female gets totally away with it.

Rod: What is that, oh wise one?

Barry: Be ashamed of yourself. I’m talking about the Terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles that appears to look like Summer Glau.

Rod: <with a very dreamy look in his eyes> Oh yes, Summer…………..

Barry: Do you think the network will cancel that show?

Rod: I hope not

Barry: Me too!

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