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Rant: Celebrities

Rod: I’m not so sure. For every human that are not so great specimens, you can find one that is the exact opposite.

Barry: Okay, go for it.

Rod: Well, you’ve named three, so I’m going to name three right up front. How about Christopher Reeve, who worked to raise money to find a way where people injured as he was could walk again?

Barry: You’ve got a good one there. He was a super guy.

Rod: Here’s another one. Remember Feedback, the guy who won the first Who Wants To Be a Superhero? He uses his fame to raise money for charities.

Barry: That is another good one.

Rod: And of course, there is Paul Newman who started a company that makes food items for humans and gives all the money it makes to charities, including camps for human children who are ill.

Barry: Okay, those are three. But then you have Michael Vick who oversaw the abuse of canine lifeforms? Now there is a real stellar specimen….NOT.

Rod: But on the opposite side is Carrie Underwood who used her song, “Home Sweet Home” to raise money for the Humane Society.

Barry: Okay…..then there is Michael Jackson. Is he a “best” specimen?

Rod: Then on the other side is Angelina Jolie who is always doing something to help people.

Barry: Then there is all the discussion about Joan Crawford….

Rod: And for every comment about her, I can name a celebrity mom who is the exact opposite.

Barry: A good celebrity mom? Like who?

Rod: Reese Witherspoon for one. Not only is she a good mom, but she supports breast cancer charities.

Barry: At least she’s not a dingbat like some of her characters.

Rod: Oh…I have to mention LeVar Burton. Reading Rainbow is a great project. You know, there are many Trek stars that are good examples of what this planet has to offer.

Barry: Absolutely. Gene and Majel would definitely be proud.

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