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Rant: Carbs and Star Trek Toys



Barry: Come on! You can walk off all of that on the way there!

Rod: But I got the last of their toys!

Barry: There’s another Burger King across town. We can get the rest of the toys there!

Rod: I forgot to tell you about the Star Trek glasses.

Barry: See, another reason to get over there!

<A little while later, the boys are sitting in Burger King, chowing down and checking their collections.>

Rod: I don’t think I can eat all of these meals.

Barry: You have to. We got all the toys and a set of the glasses for free as part of the deal.

Rod: I know, but I’m getting ill……too many carbs!

Barry: Come on, you can do it!

<Suddenly, a familiar beaming sounds erupts and three ominous figures stand by the boys>

Barry: What are these things?

Rod: They’re Kingons! Grab the glasses and run or they’ll steal them!

Barry: They’ll steal them?

Rod: Barry, haven’t you been watching those educational short films during Medium? The Kingons are stealing Star Trek glasses from people!

Barry: Those are commercials, Rod.

Rod: Whatever they are called, it shows these three stealing glasses from humans.

Barry: Why would they do that when the company is selling the glasses?

Rod: Maybe as an excuse for when they run out of them?

Barry: Possibly.

Rod: Look out, here they come!

Barry: Oh no you don’t! <Barry presses a button strapped to his wrist and the Kingons are frozen with a strange glow around them.>

Rod: SHE told you never to use that in public!

Barry: SHE isn’t here and I had to do something!

<Supreme Overlord’s voice is heard from the wristband.> What did I tell you about using this without permission???

Barry: It was self defense, oh great one.

Supreme Overlord: We’ll discuss that back at the house. By the way boys, before you go back……

Rod: Yes oh merciful one?

Supreme Overlord: Get me a set of glasses and toys.

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