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Rant: The Pursuit


Rod: That’s right! We must continue our Trek to get that toy, just like the crew of the Enterprise continues their mission.

Barry: Rod, it’s just a toy, it’s not our lives.

Rod: Well, we wouldn’t be in this mess if you had not given the Supreme Overlord ours!

Barry: Look, if you want to tell her you want it back, be my guest. I’ll make sure whatever is left of you is sent to your next of kin.

Rod: UGH! Good point.

Barry: There has got to be a better way to get that one toy.

Rod: Wait a minute! See that kid over there? He’s got it!

Barry: Let’s go and see if we can get it from him.

Rod: Okay, you distract him and I’ll grab it.

Barry: We’re not going to steal it.

Rod: Okay, I’ll stun him and then you grab it.

Barry: Rod, I said we will not steal it from a kid!

Rod: Okay, then what do we do?

Barry: We will try to barter it from him. Watch and learn.

Rod: Okay

<The boys walk up to the kid>

Kid: Alright! We’ve been invaded!!! COOL!

Barry: Greetings young human. We have come to your planet to get samples of toys for our children on our home world.

Kid: <grabs toy> Don’t even think about it. It’s mine and I’m keeping it.

Barry: But I’m willing to trade with you for it.

Kid: What have you got?

Barry: I’ve got five of this toy…..

Kid: No chance. My mom said if I brought one more of that one home, I’d be grounded for a week!

Barry: I’ve got a couple of Spock glasses………

Kid: No way! I’m selling sets of the glasses on eBay right now.

Rod: How about give me the toy and I won’t zap you.


<About ten minutes later, Rod wakes up, laying on the ground with Barry standing over him>

Rod: What happened?

Barry: Well, you made a big mistake.

Rod: What was that?

Barry: Trying to strong arm a young martial artist.

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