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Rant: Secret Sci-Fi Identities


Rod: And what do you mean by that crack?

Barry: There is no way our appearance isn’t conspicuous!

Rod: Well, let’s look around at our surroundings……….check out the guy at the video table.

Barry: He must be really searching intensely….look at all the wrinkles on his brow!

Rod: Dummy! He’s a Klingon!

Barry: Oh that’s right, I’m not used to seeing them up close and personal!

Rod: And over there is a group of Romulans…better keep them from the Klingons or we’ll need a referee!

Barry: But they’re appearance is mostly human and not like us.

Rod: Now check this guy out!

Barry: He’s an alien? With that striped shirt and rainbow suspenders, he’s just a guy needed a fashion consultant.

Rod: No, he’s an alien.

Person in Question: <as he walks by> Nanu Nanu!

Barry: Okay, I give, he’s possibly an alien, but he still needs fashion help, and again, he looks too human.

Rod: You got to admit, it’s a heck of an disguise

Barry: I’ll give you that one.

Rod: Okay, look to your right.

Barry: Okay, a Borg, but again, there is enough human appearance to not be alien.

Rod: Now I can prove my point! There is a Horta!

Barry: Okay, now that proves your point. Compared to it, we are not conspicuous.

<A lady with green skin walks up to the guys>

Orion Slave Girl: You are just so cute in those costumes! Can I get my picture made with you both?

Rod: Errrr…….Ahhhhhhhhh

Barry: Sssssssssure!

<Camera flashs as picture is taken with Orion girl holding them close to her>

Orion Slave Girl: Thanks guys! <kisses each of them on the cheek>

Rod: I won’t wash that cheek for a month!

Barry: A month? I’ll never wash mine!

Rod: Now what do you think of this convention?

Barry: It’s wonderful and a great chance to observe intelligent and attractive humans!

Rod: I couldn’t have said it better!

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