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Rant: Smurf


Barry: There you go again!

Rod: Hmmm……..I wonder where you can get one of those costumes, whatever Smurfs are.

Barry: ROD!

Rod: You say something?

Barry: Yeah! I said there you go again!!!

Rod: Hey, I’ve always liked females and human ones are so HOT!

Barry: But do you have to go chasing after every one of them?

Rod: Let me think about that….YES!

Barry: Sometimes I think you are hopeless.

Rod: Hey, you’ve got no room to talk. Who wanted to take Chase Masterson home instead of just an autograph?

Barry: <very dreamily> Chaaaassseeeee!

Rod: Now who is going again?

Barry: What did you say?

Rod: Never mind.

Barry: The only way she’d be into you being blue is if you were Dr. Manhattan from Watchman.

Rod: I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. There are so many beautiful women in very hot outfits!

Barry: Yeah, like all of those who dressed like Seven of Nine?

Rod: I never loved white and silver spandex so much.

Barry: There are so many different kinds of costumes this year.

Rod: Check out that one!

<A man in a long lab coat with white hair going in all directions comes up to the boys.>

Man: Great Scott! I knew it! <Man rushes off.>

Barry: What was he? A Doc of some kind?

Rod: I don’t know. Maybe he is what they call a Browncoat.

Barry: Well, let’s get going. We are going to that party at the Body English tonight.

Rod: What’s going on there?

Barry: Something called a Roddenberry party.

Rod: What’s a Roddenberry?

Barry: I don’t know but it should be a great party.

Rod: Why do you say that?

Barry: Because I hear that there will be a Orion slave girl there dancing in a bikini.

Rod: SEE YA! < He takes off like a shot.>

Barry: That poor girl. It must not be easy being green.

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