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Rant: Ginger


Barry: Wait a minute…..let’s back up and take another look at this from the beginning.

Rod: Mind if I keep looking for the island while we talk?

Barry: Be my guest….now, we are looking for the island with two hot girls. Were they alone?

Rod: No, they are there with five other people.

Barry: Okay, tell me about them.

Rod: Well, of course there is the Captain of the ship who is leading them.

Barry: He must be a fantastic captain to get his ship and crew to the island after that storm.

Rod: That he is.

Barry: Okay, who else?

Rod: There is a older couple. The husband is called a millionaire. Our database says that means he has lots of money.

Barry: Okay, rescuing a rich guy on an island would be advantageous to us as he could help us with our expenses.

Rod: Well, I’m mostly after the two hot girls, but that is also a good reason.

Barry: Okay, who’s next?

Rod: The next person is called the Professor. There is a lot of confusion about this person. They have not given his name. Also no one is sure if he is a college professor or a high school science teacher.

Barry: That’s nothing new for the news media on this rock.

Rod: True.

Barry: You haven’t said anything about the hot girls!

Rod: Well, the first one is a movie actress, although I can’t remember her in any movies that we’ve watched.

Barry: Okay, what about the second one?

Rod: Don’t know much about her. She was a girl from a farm in the middle part of the country called the United States.

Barry: This sounds familiar, but something is missing…..wait a minute, tell me about the last person.

Rod: The last person is a very strange fellow. He is the first mate of the ship that they were all on. Reports are he is a rather clumsy fellow, who is always getting into trouble.

Barry: WAIT A MINUTE…….the first mate, the captain or skipper, a millionaire and his wife, a movie star, a professor and………………ROD!!! YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN!

Rod: Not this time….I’ve got my facts right.

Barry: Yeah…the facts regarding a TV show called Gilligan’s Island! How did you receive the distress call?

Rod: I got it off the TV……..

Barry: If you say historical documentary, I’ll throw you out of this ship!

Rod: It wasn’t one of those……..It was a live transmission from the island.

Barry: Why me?!?!?!?!

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