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Rant – Mouseketeer


Rod: Mouseketeer eh? I guess that explains the ears.

Barry: That is my headpiece. It helps me be one with the Mouse.

Rod: Better be careful that you don’t become one with a mousetrap.

Barry: Oh, unlearned one you do not understand.

Rod: What’s to understand? You are running around with a kid’s toy hat on!

Barry: Ah, but it’s not just a kid’s hat. It shows that I have placed myself under subjection to the future ruler of the Earth.

Rod: The future ruler…….Barry, you are talking about a cartoon character!

Barry: Ah, but that is simply an indoctrination method to spread the word.

Rod: The word of what?

Barry: The word of the Mouse who will control the Earth.

Rod: How will he control the Earth?

Barry: Well, we have first taken over several of the major entertainment networks.

Rod: Well, I have to give you that one.

Barry: And now we have obtained the services of the greatest army ever known.

Rod: And who is that……Donald Duck yelling at people, or Goofy falling all over them?

Barry: It is…..

Rod: Oh wait, it’s Chip and Dale doing their Rescue Rangers bit to take over the world?

Barry: It is…..

Rod: I know….Roger Rabbit is going to cause everyone to be as silly as he is.

Barry: Rod, we have taken over Marvel.

Rod: They have WHAT????

Barry: The Mouse now owns Marvel. We now have the Avengers, X-Men, and even Wolverine under our control.

Rod: Barry, you say the Mouse is going to rule this Earth.

Barry: Yes, my young Padawan.

Rod: Don’t get the genres mixed up.

Barry: Sorry

Rod: Have you considered what SHE will say to this news?

Barry: Why don’t you ask her?

Rod: I will! <reaches over and activates the communicator>

<We see the Supreme Overlord blankly staring into a viewing screen>

Supreme Overlord: Meeska Mooska Mouseketeer!


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