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Rant – Robo Rob


<A few hours later Rod returns>

Rod: What a joke!

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: Those reality shows are nothing of the sort! Chicks dodged me like I had the flu!

Barry: Rod, I could have told you that.

Rod: How come?

Barry: You didn’t dress like a cop in the reality shows, you dressed like Robocop.

Rod: Uh oh…..he’s not real?

Barry: That’s right! And I’ve got one more news flash for you…..

Rod: Let me guess….those weren’t…

Rod and Barry <together>: reality shows.

Barry: The light of truth is dawning on you.

Rod: So you mean Law and Order, the CSI shows, all of those are fake?

Barry: Down to the last badge.

Rod: Even NCIS?

Barry: Down to Doctor Ducky’s last feather!

Rod: He doesn’t have feathers. But he does remind me of someone I saw on an old show we watched, like he was someone’s UNCLE or something.

Barry: True.

Rod: And there are no Robocops? Well that partially explains this evening.

Barry: What part?

Rod: Well two strange things kept happening. First was all the laughs and questions about where was the convention.

Barry: Okay, that would explain those but what was the other?

Rod: People kept looking for a pedal, to raise my lid, whatever that means.

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