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Rant – Disney and Marvel


Rod: Yea, these combinations are lame. I was hoping that they would come up with some cool costumes.

Barry: I know a good combination!

Rod: What?

Barry: Mouse ears on Wolverine!

Rod: NO! That would be the worst.

Barry: Ok, so which Disney character would be good combined with Wolverine?

Rod: Hrm…I don’t know…maybe Captain Jack Sparrow?

Barry: Why him?

Rod: Well, they both have attitude, and I can really see Captain Jack chomping on a cigar and popping open a brew.

Barry: That would be funny. Would that make Elizabeth Swann Jean Grey?

Rod: Can you imagine how she could use her mental powers on the pirates?

Barry: Yea, and think what she could do to Captain Jack!

Rod: That’s scary. Well, I guess Will Turner would be Cyclops.

Barry: Cool! He could use his optic blasts to fight the undead pirates.

Rod: You know, they could remake lots of Disney movies with Marvel characters.

Barry: Ohhhh…I bet we could come up with some good suggestions for them. Like Snow White and the Seven Avengers.

Rod: What about Cinderella, with Peter Parker as Prince Charming with a secret identity. With his “great responsibility” he’d have to save her from her family.

Barry: Or Finding Namor!

Rod: Somehow, I can’t picture Namor singing and dancing.

Barry: Good point.

Rod: But, this gives me a great crossover costume idea. Beauty and the Beast! We dress up as Belle and Hank McCoy.

Barry: But I don’t look good in blue fur.

Rod: Yea, but I do!

Barry: Augh!

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