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Rant – The Brady Bunch


Rod: How did you confuse Children of the Corn and the Brady Bunch?

Barry: Very easily! Both bunches of kids seem so mindless!

Rod: How is that?

Barry: They worry about the most useless things!

Rod: Like what?

Barry: Like clubs, games, dating, and stuff like that.

Rod: But how can you compare that to what happen in Children of the Corn?

Barry: Because sometimes I expect the Brady boys and girls to attack each other.

Rod: Okay, I’ll give you that one. But they don’t kill anybody.

Barry: Only with boredom sometimes, and when they do their music episodes.

Rod: Oh, you mean their wannabe Partridge Family shows?

Barry: Yeah! Talk about cloning shows!

Rod: Back to the useless things discussion. You have to remember that the show was on in the early 1970’s.

Barry: Your point is?

Rod: Earth was very different back then.

Barry: You mean that show is that OLD?

Rod: Yes it is.

Barry: That explains it. I was trying to figure out who some of their guest stars were as I’d never heard of them.

Rod: Some were never heard from again.

Barry: Since this was filmed in the 1970’s does that make it a historical……

Rod: I’ll lock you in your room if you say historical documentary.

Barry: I wasn’t going to say that…. I was asking if it was a historical icon?

Rod: No, it was a hysterical icon, as you laugh in hysterics when you think that it was a hit.


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