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Rant – Close Encounters


Barry: So you would be hard to get?

Rod: Of course! Make them work for an answer!!

Barry: You’re not hard to get.

Rod: What do you mean by that crack?

Barry: All it takes is a female just appearing like she’s interested and you are beside her at warp speed!

Rod: Am not!

Barry: Yes you are!

Rod: Am not!!

Barry: Remember the bar last night?

Rod: Oh……..forgot.

Barry: Well, then.

Rod: Okay, wiseguy. If you heard the five tones in Close Encounter on your ship’s radio, what would you do?

Barry: That’s easy! I’d send this message: “Love the tune. Please send more.”

Rod: You’re just as easy as the aliens in the movie!

Barry: Rod, in our line of work, you have to be. When you get an invite, you head there fast!

Rod: Because you are easy…

Barry: No, because if we don’t, SHE will not be easy with us!

Rod: I wonder if she answers on the first ring?

Barry: I don’t want to find out.

Rod: I do! Let’s find out if she is easy. Call her and see what happens.

Barry: Remember the last time she got upset?

Rod: She won’t get upset this time. I’ll turn on the charm.

Barry: Last time you did, she responded by turning up the harm!

Rod: We’ll be careful this time. <Reaches for the communicator and calls the Supreme Overload>

Barry: You’ll be sorry!

<The first ring starts and the call is answered>

Supreme Overlord: What do you two nerfherders want?

Rod: See, I told you she was easy.

Supreme Overlord: YOU TOLD HIM I’M WHAT?????

Barry: As they say on Earth, I’ll send flowers.


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