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Rant – We Are Borg


Rod: What do you mean by that remark?

Barry: Because that is how you look, besides ridiculous! All you need is a Borg implant to look almost like the real thing.

Rod: Ridiculous????

Barry: Yeah! No body on this rock wears earbud and a bluetooth at the same time! There isn’t room in their audio receptors for both of them!

Rod: But I assumed that…..

Barry: Rod, remember what earthlings say about those who assume?

Rod: Yeah and don’t go there!

Barry: What are you listening to?

Rod: I’ve been sampling what earthlings call music.

Barry: What they “call” music? I take it you disagree with them?

Rod: Well, it’s different. When earthlings let their pets escape, they seem to sing about it.

Barry: Is that what they meant in their classic, “Who Let The Dogs Out?” I thought they were talking about one of their sports teams.

Rod: And you think I worry you sometimes.

Barry: I’ve got one question for you, Mr. Hip.

Rod: What’s that?

Barry: What are you going to use that phone for when you don’t call anyone on this planet?

Rod: I thought I could fix it up where we could use it to text the Supreme Overlord.

Barry: How do you do that?

Rod: You type in something like this (Types the word Text) and hit send.

Barry: I wonder what she will say.

<The Supreme Overlord looks at a beeping monitor with the word Text on it.>

Supreme Overlord: Text? They must have meant Tax. Okay, I’ll raise their taxes.


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