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Rant – Roses Are Red

Barry: Gets you right there? I should get you something for between your ears….a BRAIN!

Rod: Why do you say that?

Barry: You think she stole your wallet and you are sending her a Valentine? That for starters!

Rod: But you don’t understand….I’m trying to use Earth Psychology on her.

Barry: How do you figure that?

Rod: By doing this, I’m appealing to her maternal instincts as a woman to do the right thing.

Barry: Yeah, right. You are doing it because she must have been a beauty.

Rod: She wasn’t just a beauty. She was hot, dude!

Barry: How hot was she?

Rod: Like the guy on late night TV would say it, She is so hot, places that advertise hot food will have to call it Selena food.

Barry: That must be…….Selena? Hmmmm………..Selena…..stolen wallet……….What was she wearing?

Rod: A skin tight jumpsuit, all black.

Barry: This is going from bad to worse…….When the bartender asked if her drink was okay, how did she answer him?

Rod: She said it was Purrrrfect.

Barry: You are right, she probably got your wallet. I hope you didn’t have something in it that you usually keep there.

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: Your miniaturized emergency communicator that speed dials HER!

Rod: Oh NO! It WAS in there.

Barry: You are in SO much trouble now.

Rod: If she pushes that button and it calls HER, I wonder what will happen.

Barry: Well, I don’t know what will happen to you, but I think I can predict what SHE will say.

Rod: What’s that?

Barry: SHE will tell Selena that she is the first lifeform on this rock that shows her promise!

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