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Rant – Avatar

Rod: No, Barry needs a new brain!

Barry: <groaning> Why do I need a new brain? Yours isn’t so wonderful right now either.

Rod: Why do you say that?

Barry: Because you are under the influence of Earth alcohol.

Rod: I told you it has no effect on me.

Barry: And I told you what the report said, that it causes our lifeform to become cranky and easily angered.

Rod: No it doesn’t.

Barry: Yes it does.

Rod: Not it DOESN’T!!!

Barry: I rest my case.

Rod: I just hope this stops your avatar kick.

Barry: Why do you not like it so?

Rod: Because of your menial tasks remark. In the movie, their avatars did everything that the planet’s lifeforms did.

Barry: So, the avatars did the menial tasks and were just like the lifeforms?

Rod: Yes they were.

Barry: Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.

Rod: Why does that make me nervous?

Barry: Okay, that’s done.

Rod: What’s done?

<doorbell rings>

Barry: You are about to find out. This avatar is acting like the lifeforms on this planet.

Rod: In what way?

Barry: This avatar is not getting mad over that beating, but getting even.

Rod: How are you going to do that, Blueboy?

Barry: The guy that just came in appears on the Syfy show, NXT. I told him you said some very nasty things about his maternal unit.

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