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Rant – Insurrection-a-like

Rod: Man, didn’t you see what it did to those two guys in that movie?

Barry: But I thought this would make me more beautiful!

Rod: Plastic surgery can’t do that, only a miracle worker!

Barry: Like one of those guys on TV on Sunday morning?

Rod: Right now, I think you are even beyond them.

Barry: Thanks a lot, Nerf ball!

Rod: Barry, you should have talked to me before doing this!

Barry: I should have tried a human dentist. What they call a root canal couldn’t hurt this bad!

Rod: Seriously, you need to watch Insurrection again. Those two kept having the surgery again and again and look what happened to them.

Barry: I totally forgot about them.

Rod: And remember the scene in Escape From LA where Snake was captured by a plastic surgery cult?

Barry: You mean the one where all the women looked like each other and and their faces were mangled?

Rod: That’s the one.

Barry: But they had so many procedures they wound up that way. I had only one.

Rod: Because you aren’t human, one may be all it took.

Barry: Thanks, you really know how to make me feel worse.

Rod: But hey, I can give you one bit of good news.

Barry: I could use it. What is the good news?

Rod: If they decide to make another Mummy movie, you can try out for the title role. They could pay you more as they would save a bundle on makeup!

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