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Rant – Scuba? In Water???

Barry: Why are you such a killjoy?

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: Just because you can’t use your underwater tank you built for the dive, you have to just give up?

Rod: Have you forgotten what over exposure to water does to our bodies?

Barry: That is why you wear a scuba suit. It will limit our exposure to the water.

Rod: But it would be so much better in my submarine.

Barry: In some ways, but your view would be limited by the portholes. In scuba gear, your view is much better.

Rod: But you are safer in my sub.

Barry: But your sub can’t get into the places and spaces that a scuba diver can.

Rod: But can we find a scuba suit my size?

Barry: Sure we can! They even have suits made to look like a Star Trek uniform.

Rod: That is cool! I can be Captain Kirk underwater.

Barry: There you go!

Rod: How good are the divers?

Barry: Very good! Many of the Roddenberry group are experts. They even have special dives for experts.

Rod: They do? What do they call them?

Barry: Those dives are called “Red Shirt Dives”.


Barry: Yeah!


Barry: Why do I feel I shouldn’t have said that?

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