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Rant – Rod’s Anatomy

Barry: What did you expect? To them, you are a nutcase in a costume.

Rod: But after seeing all of the docs and nurses on TV, I was sure this would end my losing streak.

Barry: There isn’t a coach in the universe that could help you break that.

Rod: Why don’t you fix me up with one of your babes?

Barry: We’ve had that discussion.

Rod: That’s right.

Barry: Besides being a TV doctor or nurse is not a good job right now.

Rod: What makes you say that?

Barry: Because some of them lost their jobs today.

Rod: Which ones????

Barry: Well, two shows were cancelled, “Mercy” and “Trama”.


Barry: I didn’t think you were a fan of those.

Rod: They were two of my favorites!!!!

Barry: Apparently they weren’t favorites of the Nielsen families.

Rod: What does the Nielsen families have to do with it?

Barry: They are families whose TV watching is tracked. The more Nielsen families watch a show, the better rating it gets, and it gets to stay on the air.

Rod: So a family named Nielsen is responsible for the good TV shows getting cancelled?

Barry: Not Nielsen family, Rod….families.

Rod: You sure know how to upset a fellow, Barry.

Barry: By the way, did you go to the desk and check in with them?

Rod: You have to do that?

Barry: Yeah, see the sign?

Rod: Maybe that’s the problem….be right back.

<after a while, Rod returns>

Rod: I must be pretty special.

Barry: Why do you say that?

Rod: I went up to the desk and put some of my best lines and moves on the lady.

Barry: And?

Rod: She has a special room that a couple of nurses will be taking me to shortly. She said they might even give me a new jacket.

Barry: A special room and new jacket? What did they call it?

Rod: The rubber room.

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