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Rant – Party Line

<After a few moments, Rod slams down the phone>

Rod: What a ripoff!

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: All there are on there is a bunch of guys hunting for chicks and no women on!

Barry: You get what you pay for!

Rod: Don’t rub it in!

Barry: Rod, you have to remember that with humans, sex sells.

Rod: What do you mean?

Barry: Well, companies use images of beautiful women to get people to buy their product.

Rod: Are you talking like one website that uses those images to get you to….

Barry: Stop right there….you know that is a sore subject with me.

Rod: Oops! Sorry about that.

Barry: But you are right, that is exactly what they do.

Rod: I wonder if the characters in Star Trek ever had trouble with dating.

Barry: I’ve got one word for you: Data.

Rod: That’s right! Remember that one episode where he had the relationship with a female crew member?

Barry: Yeah, and he even programmed himself to be disagreeable and fight with her.

Rod: Talk about a DUMB move!!!

Barry: And how!

Rod: However, I can feel for him. I’m so desperate for a date I’ll go to any of 49 states to meet a chick.

Barry: Only 49?

Rod: Yeah. I got a message from Arizona.

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