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Rant – 1-900 Girl

Rod: Hey, I was up for one too!

Barry: Now, we’ll be lucky if we are up for freedom in a month!!!

Rod: I can’t believe she didn’t go for my idea.

Barry: We’re lucky that she didn’t get madder! Remember years ago, when someone told her she should be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Rod: UGH! Don’t remind me of that!

Barry: You have got to get your mind on work and off of human females!

Rod: But they are so much fun to watch, chase, and…..

Barry: And you and they get US in so much trouble!

Rod: But they are worth it!

Barry: Worth being shackled up here?

Rod: Well, almost worth it.

Barry: You heard the Overlord! If we don’t get our act together, she’s going to destroy the Earth before we get the answers.

Rod: 42.

Barry: What?

Rod: The answer is 42.

Barry: I’m not talking about the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’m talking about THE answer!

Rod: Oh, THAT answer!

Barry: That’s right. The answer to the question that has been burning our frequencies for months.

Rod: The answer to the great mystery….

Barry: The great question….

Rod: The answer to, Where are those guys in V from? We’ve never seen them on our side of the galaxy!

Barry: Inquiring minds want to know!

Rod: I just had an idea.

Barry: I’m going to regret this. What is your idea?

Rod: We’ll get a phone line with answers to questions. Call it 1-900-4ANSWER.

Barry: You worry me!

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