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Rant – Kevin Pareira

Rod: That’s it. Pareira is the evil one!

Barry: He wants Olivia for himself!

Rod: That’s right! He shields her from her worshiping public!

Barry: Hides her mail from her!

Rod: We have to find a way to get past him!

Barry: This is going to be a tough mission.

Rod: It’s going to take skill…

Barry: talent….

Rod: courage….

Barry: guts…

Rod: brains……

Barry: Well, four out of five isn’t bad.

Rod: We will find a way past Darth Pareira and rescue Princess Olivia from his evil clutches!

Barry: The Force will be strong with us.

Rod: We will………WAIT A MINUTE!!!

Barry: What?

Rod: What did you say a few minutes ago?

Barry: Ah….what do you mean?

Rod: You said something a minute ago about a photo and Speedos.

Barry: Yeah I did. <takes a step back from Rod>

Rod: You said you sent a photo of……PLEASE tell me you didn’t send that one photo!

Barry: Which one do you mean?

Rod: The one with me wearing that Speedo you got me that was too small and made me look huge!

Barry: Do we have any other photos of us in them? Rod….why are you looking at me that way?

Rod: Do you know that old Earth ballad, “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”?

Barry: Yeah…..<takes off running>

Rod: <chasing Barry> By the time I get to Phoenix, you had better be in the Pacific Ocean, swimming for your life!

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