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Rant – Slip of the Tongue

Rod: I thought she could take a joke.

Barry: Like she did the time before this, and the time before that, and the time….

Rod: I get the picture!

Barry: So help me, I’m going to get an Earth canine silencing device to shut your mouth!

Rod: You mean one of those zapper things that go off when an Earth canine barks?

Barry: Yeah! All I have to do is bark and you get zapped!

Rod: You aren’t getting it to silence me. You’re getting it to torture me!

Barry: Now, you are getting the picture.

Rod: WAIT A MINUTE! Why are we fighting over this? I know what caused this and it wasn’t me.

Barry: It wasn’t you? Okay, I’ve got to hear this….who did it?

Rod: Kevin Pareira!

Barry: <dumbfounded expression on his face> Pareira? How did HE cause this?

Rod: He has been such a persistent foe, I was distracted when SHE called. I thought it was a recording.

Barry: That is such a lame, stupid excuse……..and it’s probably true.

Rod: It is! He had me so distracted that I didn’t see the live transmission signal thus it is his fault!

Barry: Okay, you’ve figured out who caused this. Now, what do we do about it?

Rod: Well, before we got into this revolting situation, I had contacted an organization to help us destroy Mr. Pareira.

Barry: Who? The A-Team?

Rod: No! We don’t need good guys for this. We need people who are sneaky, destructive, full of bad intentions……

Barry: So who did you call? The Internal Revenue Service?

Rod: No, I called the one group that even they fear…….The Evil League of Evil.

Barry: You’re right, you did get the worst group possible. What did they say?

Rod: They recommended that we adopt a slogan for our plan to destroy Pariera.

Barry: And what was that?


Barry: WWDHD………WWDHD………..Rod, what possible good would a World Wide Dial Home Device do? This is not Stargate Universe!

Rod: Not that, laser brain! What Would Doctor Horrible Do?

Barry: Doctor Horrible………..<grins>………Doctor Horrible!

<The boys erupt in very EVIL laughs!>

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