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Rant – Incognito

Barry: And I told you that we need to wear something else!

Rod: What I don’t get is why she totally freaked out.

Barry: Yeah! <Yelling at the fleeing lady> Haven’t you ever seen “Avatar”?

Rod: Apparently not…she’s still running.

Barry: Yeah, blue hair and all!

Rod: Speaking of clothes, did you remember to NOT send that Speedo picture?

Barry: Absolutely. I fed that letter to the Earth device called a shredder.

Rod: Good! Now that picture will never be seen again.

Barry: Until I print more from the negatives.

Rod: Negatives? Oh, that’s right. You used that primitive method of photography.

Barry: As I said before, “When in Rome….”

Rod: At least Earth has finally moved into digital. Maybe one century they will get caught up with the universe.

Barry: Earth people caught up with the universe?

<The boys break out in hysterical laughter>

Rod: It never ceases to amaze me how humans think that this rock is so advanced. If they only knew.

Barry: So true, so true!

Rod: Wait a minute….do you hear that noise coming from over there?

Barry: Let me listen….

<The boys hear a song on a passing car radio with these words being sung, “It was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater….”>

Rod: Flying…

Barry: …Purple People…

Rod: …EATERS???

Barry: They’re after us, Rod!

Rod: I never imagined that IT would come to Earth!

Barry: IT is under HER control, so we are in BIG trouble!!! Remember what happened to the last two agents SHE sent it after.

<The boys run toward home.>

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