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Rant – Blue’s My Color

Barry: What does it matter? She’s broken my heart! <sniffing>

Rod: Get a grip, Barry. We must have made some impression with her!

Barry: How can you say that?

Rod: Periera telling us what he did about painting himself green. He is simply trying to discourage us!

Barry: He didn’t have to! <crying>

Rod: Barry, we still have a chance!

Barry: At what? Being members of a lonely hearts club band?

Rod: We can’t, The Beatles already did that one.

Barry: Ooops! That’s right…sorry.

Rod: I need you to think back. Remember that picture we posed for?

Barry: What picture?

Rod: That picture that the strange human we met at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention drew of us?

Barry: Oh, that artist guy….Reddick?

Rod: Yeah, the one where he made us look like two of the characters from “Watchmen”.

Barry: Then he called us “Watchgeeks”….I’ve going to have a talk with him about that if I see him again.

Rod: Anyway, how did you get to look like Dr. Manhattan?

Barry: I didn’t. He supplied the color.

Rod: That’s it! We need body color. We’ll get as blue as the folks in Avatar and then Olivia will become putty in our hands.

Barry: But, where are we going to get blue body makeup?

Rod: Barry! We are in a TV studio. What do they have in them?

<Rod points to a door marked “Makeup Dept.>

Barry: Yeah!

<Two very evil laughs are heard as two purple fellows go through that door.>

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