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Rant – Screening Calls

<The Visiphone goes dark.>

Rod: We are so dead!

Barry: Where do you get that we, pal? You are the one who refused to answer first.

Rod: But you did also!

Barry: You’re right, we are both so dead.

Rod: I know we are. This isn’t our usual cell.

Barry: What makes you say that?

Rod: Two things: (1) the color of the walls and (2) the fact that she has a monitor in here to watch us.

Barry: Are you saying she wants to watch us suffer?

Rod: Is the value of Pi 3.141592653589793238462643383279502…..

Barry: I take the hint!!!

Rod: I thought we were going to get it for Olivia.

Barry: SHHH!! She’ll hear you.

Rod: You’re right, sorry.

Barry: Now, what do we have to do to get out of this?

Rod: We could still give her that signed headshot of Kevin Pereira…

Barry: And I told you what would happen if we did that!

Rod: True….

Barry: We could tell her we were preparing the Earth for destruction….

Rod: And how were we doing that?

Barry: By preparing to go after a new target. Since our efforts with Olivia didn’t work out, we were going to get Blair to help us.

Rod: That’s the worse part of this. We can’t watch Blair in here!

Barry: Have you got that Earth device called a Blackberry with you?

Rod: Yeah, but how will that help?

Barry: You can follow her on her Twitter account.

Rod: That’s right. Thanks, buddy! I owe you one.

Barry: You can repay me by telling me what she’s saying. You aren’t the only one going through Blair Butler withdrawal!

Rod: Snake Plissken was right, “The more things change……”

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