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Rant: The Art of Dating

Rod: What do you mean desperate?

Barry: Just what I said. Any babe who would go out with you must be desperate!

Rod: Why would you say that? I have the smile of Errol Flynn, the moves of Gary Grant, and the body of…

Barry: The body of a Gold’s Gym reject!

Rod: You’re a comedian now. Do you write your own material?

Barry: Now, I will admit that a woman alone on Valentine’s Day would be a bit desperate.

Rod: Exactly! And when I meet one, and she sees what a catch I am, she’ll…

Barry: Throw you back like a minnow.

Rod: You just won’t give up, will you?

Barry: Okay, Romeo, how would you get one of those women to go out with you.

Rod: First I go up to them and just smile and say, “Hello”

Barry: Okay, then if they say anything but go away, what’s next?

Rod: Then I produce a box of that earth delicacy, chocolate

Barry: And then what?

Rod: If the chocolate doesn’t warm her heart, I then produce a bunch of those earth plants women like

Barry: You mean roses?

Rod: That’s it. By then, they are putty in my hands.

Barry: Okay, but if that fails?

Rod: Then I let her see my real appearance and send her screaming in fear.

Barry: Okay, I take it back. You are not a Gold’s Gym reject. In fact, I think they named a piece of their equipment after you.

Rod: What’s that?

Barry: Dumbells.

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