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About Rod & Barry

What if aliens from another galaxy were monitoring us?  How would they react to earth’s science fiction entertainment?  What would they think about the way they are portrayed in earth’s media and how would that compare to what they know to be true about their species?  In answering these questions, the funny, geeky characters of Rod & Barry® were born; Two very different personalities that find a common bond through their fascination with science fiction.

Under order of the Supreme Overlord, Rod & Barry® are on a mission to investigate Earth and its inhabitants prior to the planet’s annihilation.  Through the course of their investigation Rod and Barry happen upon Earth’s science-fiction entertainment.  Immediately, they become TV junkies who are so transfixed by science fiction that they disregard their mission in lieu of watching sci-fi.  This results in Rod & Barry® becoming the alien versions of Siskel and Ebert related to modern-day science fiction, while having to consistently explain their activities and delay to the Overlord.

“What I find so intriguing about Rod & Barry® is the symbiotic relationship between our characters and the audience.  The characters represent the audience while the audience feeds the storylines of the characters,” according to Roddenberry C.O.O. Trevor Roth.

“The best thing about Rod & Barry® is that anything can be done with them,” says cartoonist David Reddick. “Because they’re overseeing our entire world, we can offer commentary via these two little purple guys on all the things we love, whether science-fiction, movies, TV, comic books, you name it. Not to mention, well, they’re just plain fun to draw!”

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