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Rant: 1 Tequila 2 Tequila

Supreme Overlord: Before we talk about that thing you call a float, let’s get back to the substance in their liquids. START TALKING!

Barry: It is very weird. It’s a very strange liquid that sometimes has a small earth lifeform at the bottom of the bottle. The humans call it tequila.

Rod: The humans even have a warning they tell each other about the substance: 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor.

Barry: It is our theory that the earth lifeform that is sometimes in the bottom of the bottle secretes a chemical which gives the tequila mind altering abilities.

Rod: That is true. It is said that only real tequila has that lifeform and that the others are fakes.

Barry: They may be fakes, but they are potent as well and it hits you hard.

Rod: Does it ever….I remember drinking a couple of them and the next thing I know is I’m here, talking to your Supremeness.

Supreme Overlord: Okay, now that is something of great interest to me. I want a couple of bottles of that substance on the first messenger ship from that rock and make sure one of them has the lifeform in it. You two screwups handle that simple an assignment. Now, what are those beads for?

Barry: They are used in human mating rituals at Mardi Gras. Men give them to women who reveal their ah…..ah……innermost secrets to them.

Supreme Overlord: Judging from all of them I’m seeing, you two were total zeros at that ritual I’d guess. Then again being zeros is normal for you two. Now, let’s talk about this float.

Rod: You most merciful Supremeness, we only wanted to honor you and prepare the earthlings to worship you upon your arrival here.

Barry: Yes, and in the form we presented you, all earthmen will bow before you when you grace us with your presence.

Supreme Overlord: By making me look like a mere human female?????

Rod: No, you worshipfulness. By making attraction and obedience to you a natural male reaction.

Barry: Yes! Remember those things we sent home called swimsuit issues? Human man worship those women intensely.

Supreme Overlord: So, in your desire to prepare men for my arrival, you lower me to the status of an object for lust instead of worship and obedience?????

Rod: (whispers) I didn’t think that would work.

Barry: (whispers) You got a better idea?

Supreme Overlord: Remember guys, this device picks up whispers and you are not helping your case.

Rod and Barry: Yes your Supremeness

Supreme Overlord: You will both remain in this earth device called a stock until I decide what to do to you two, but it will be a bit, as when it comes to zeros like you, I am well stocked. HAHAHAHAHA

Barry: Chalk up another mess for you, Rod!

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