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Rant: New Star Trek Bridge

Rod: Barry, that movie appears to have serious errors in continuity.

Barry: Why do you say that?

Rod: All of the white panels and walls, not to mention that the equipment is far advanced of what we see in the original series. How can you explain going from this new Enterprise to the one in the original?

Barry: Personally, I think it was too advanced for them. I don’t think they could handle such a kick butt ship.

Rod: Oh, come on, Barry! That makes as much sense as Klingons having smooth heads in the original, and then ever since, including Star Trek Enterprise, which was before the original, the Klingons have ridges!

Barry: Oh, that’s an honor thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Rod: Honor? Yeah, right, like that time at a convention you called a Klingon a turtlehead? I thought he was going to turn you into gagh.

Barry: That’s better than the last time you offered to give an Orion Slave Girl oo-mox

Rod: But the guy with the big ears told me it always worked.

Barry: Right, always works. That’s why you got a concussion from the Horga’hn she it you in the head with.

Rod: Well, anyway, I still say the bridge looks way too advanced. It looks better than the TNG one.

Barry: How would you know what the TNG bridge looked like? You are always too busy watching Deanna.

Rod: Well, we are supposed to observe important things on this rock. At least I was not obsessed with Data like you were.

Barry: Hey, I admired him for his mind and logic.

Rod: Well there’s one thing we can agree on.

Barry: What’s that?

Rod: After the movie comes out in May, we’ll all have a lot more to argue about.

Barry: Absolutely

(The Supreme Overlord shakes her head as she was monitoring them)

Supreme Overlord: That’s all I need.

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