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Rant: One Hot Hair

Rod & Barry

Rod: Well, at least I have a hair on my head, baldy.

Barry: Hey, there are only few perfect heads. The rest have hair.

Rod: Your head perfect? No chance. It’s my distinct hair that makes the babes love me.

Barry: And the rest of you that has them running in terror.

Rod: I tell you it’s the hair that drives women wild.

Barry: Then tell me, oh guru of babe chasers, why do they go nuts for earthmen’s bodies?

Rod: Don’t you see? It’s the head of hair on each of them.

Barry: I’m not so sure. I’ve seen babes go after a bald headed athlete.

Rod: They must have been very desperate babes.

Barry: Not so sure. One of them was the babe you thought was so hot the other night.

Rod: Where did you see this?

Barry: At a sporting event.

Rod: I still say the hair is what makes me a chick magnet.

Barry: And I still say it doesn’t.

Rod: I’ll prove that I’m a chick magnet. I’ll go down and apply for ìThe Bacheloretteî and then you’ll have to watch all those babes fighting to win me.

Barry: You couldn’t get a babe to go out with you if she won you in a raffle or out of a cereal box.

Rod: That’s it. Tomorrow, I’ll show you.

Barry: Well, Romeo, how did you do?

Rod: They never let me in the door.

Barry: Why?

Rod: The guard told me, ìGo home kid, you’re too young.î

Barry: Didn’t you tell him you were of age?

Rod: Yeah, but he demanded a birth certificate or something called a driver’s license. When I showed him my Starship license, he laugh till he was hysterical.

Barry: Hey, he can’t do that. Laughing at you is my job.

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