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Rant: Rodschach





Barry: Look in a mirror!

Rod: Yipes! I must have done something wrong.

Barry: Well, from the excitement of making that mask, you must have loved Watchmen.

Rod: I certainly did. I thought it was a great movie.

Barry: Well, that makes one of us. I didn’t like it that well.

Rod: What’s wrong with you? It was wonderful, especially Rorschach.

Barry: That is the character I had the most trouble with. He wasn’t a hero at all.

Rod: Yes he was. He tracked down the villains.

Barry: Yeah, but then what did he do? Turn them over to police? No, he was judge, jury, and executioner.

Rod: And with the troubles they were having, it was needed.

Barry: No, it was not. People are governed by laws, not by the whims of vigilantes.

Rod: He wasn’t a vigilante.

Barry: Yes, he was. He was not authorized by the police. He and all the others except for Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian were just that, vigilantes.

Rod: They were crimebusters.

Barry: Rorschach might have been, but Comedian? No way, he was nothing more than a legalized mercenary.

Rod: How do you come up with that? Comedian was working for the government, so they made sure he did things right.

Barry: Sure they did, like when he shot the woman in Vietnam?

Rod: I still say they were heroes.

Barry: And I still say they were vigilantes, and thrill seekers. If they wanted to fight crime, they should have done it right.

Rod: And what is doing it right?

Barry: They should have worked with the government and be okayed by them instead of doing it on their own.

Rod: Some of those criminals didn’t deserve anything but what they got.

Barry: Rod, listen to what you are saying. Do you know who you sound like?

Rod: What do…..ah…….<gulp> You mean I’m sounding like HER?

Barry: Exactly

Rod: Point taken and dropped. You have to agree with me on one thing….Rorschach’s mask was cool.

Barry: I’ll agree with that. Let me try that mask.

Rod: I’ll have to take it off first.

Barry: Oops, my bad.

Rod: What does that mean?

Barry: I thought you already had!

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