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Rant: Alien Trilogy

Rod: There you go again, making me sound like a coward.

Barry: I didn’t say that. I said you are afraid of scary aliens and monsters.

Rod: Okay, name me a few and I’ll tell you if I am scared of not.

Barry: Okay…….Frankenstein.

Rod: Naw….he was too fake and had too many used parts.

Barry: The Mummy.

Rod: Not really….he was all wrapped up in himself.

Barry: Terminator.

Rod: Now, that was scary, especially the one in the second movie that was liquid metal.

Barry: I’ll have to agree with you there…….Okay, how about Freddie Krueger?

Rod: UGH!!! Just his name gives me the creeps!

Barry: Okay…..Jason.

sketch by C. Millhorn (Roddenberry Productions)

sketch by C. Millhorn (Roddenberry Productions)

Rod: He’s scary, but his mom wasn’t in the new movie. You know, I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.

Barry: How about Predator?

Rod: Real scary to look at, and twice as scary to see in person!

Barry: You’ve seen it in person?

Rod: Yeah! Remember that horror convention we went to?

Barry: UGH! Now I do and I wish I didn’t……How about the Cryptkeeper?

Rod: He’s not scary! Anyone with 20/200 vision can tell he’s just a puppet.

Barry: Okay, got a couple more……The Hunchback.

Rod: <shudders> That’s a scary one….after the next one, no more. Okay?

Barry: Okay…..Gossamer.

Rod: Who’s Gossamer?

Barry: Remember the red haired monster in the Bugs Bunny…..


Barry: Rod! Get out from behind the couch!

Rod: Not till you promise not to mention that THING again.

Barry: I rest my case.

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