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Rant: Neckitis



Rod: What I don’t understand is why humans have seats so close to an IMAX screen.

Barry: That’s simple, more seats means more tickets you can sell.

Rod: But if it leaves your neck like this, what good is it? They should take the rows in front and put them in the back.

Barry: While I agree with you on that, frankly, I don’t see what the big deal about IMAX is.

Rod: What do you mean by that remark?

Barry: Just what I said. Look, IMAX movies have a big screen, but beyond that, what is the difference?

Rod: The size is one of the most important differences. When it is that big, it makes the movie like you are there.

Barry: I don’t see the benefit of the size.

Rod: Another difference is that the picture and sound are all digital for better quality.

Barry: Well, the sound is definitely better. When those ships exploded, I felt the explosion!

Rod: I did also and that was so neat!

Barry: But I’ve saved my biggest gripe till last. Where is the 3D? I thought IMAX movies were in 3D.

Rod: Some are, but most of the Hollywood movies are not. They seem to save the 3D movies for the historical films on the planet’s wildlife.

Barry: Seems to me they should use it on these films where IMAX would really be worth the extra money.

Rod: But it is worth it.

Barry Not when it leaves your neck like this!

Rod: Well, I see two solutions that IMAX theaters can use to solve that problem.

Barry: Oh? What are they?

Rod: Well, they can either redesign the theater where seats recline back just a bit.

Barry: Like seats in our spacecraft?

Rod: Yeah, or they can do one other thing.

Barry: What’s that?

Rod: Have a couple of Chiropractors on stand by!

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