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Rant: Wii

Rod: You’re going down, dude

Barry: That will be the day.

Rod: Whatcha gonna do when Rodamania runs all over you?

Barry: Can you smell what the Barry is cooking?

Rod: I am so going to smash you.

Barry: Not before I give you a nap!

Rod: Get up from that one!

Barry: Get up close and personal with the steel cage!

Rod: If there was a real ring nearby, we’d really settle this.

Barry: Only after you figured out how to get into it.

<The screen changes to the Supreme Overlord>

Supreme Overlord: IS THIS WHY I SENT YOU TO THAT ROCK?????

Rod: No, your supremeness. We were simply settling a dispute as humans do, in a wrestling ring.

Supreme Overlord: You mean that junk that you two send me each week as so called Earth war games?

Barry: Yes, your mightiness. That is so you can study their methods of combat.

Supreme Overlord: Why do my intelligence operatives have to have no intelligence of their own??? You two meatheads, that stuff is called Pro Wrestling and it is not real!

Rod: But your greatness, the blood, the screaming, the Divas…..

Supreme Overlord: It is all an act! They do their best not to really hurt each other.

Barry: But what about when Batista got hurt and they showed film clips of his surgery?

Supreme Overlord: Sometimes they goof up and get hurt.

Rod: I’m in shock!

Barry: Not as much as I am.

Rod: Maybe this explains why it is on the SciFi Channel…..all fiction.

Barry: It must be. Boy, do I feel dumb.

Rod: Me too.

Supreme Overlord: Now that the childishness is done, will you two GET BACK TO WORK?

<Screen returned to Wii.>

Rod: Okay, now let’s play Wii Basketball.

Barry: No, now let’s play Wii Hockey.

Rod: Okay, since wrestling isn’t real, we’ll really settle it like men.

Barry: Bring it on!

<The screen changes to Wii Mixed Martial Arts>

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