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Rant: Bootleggin

<A short while after the events above…>

Barry: That’s what you get for basing what you think of Earth’s law enforcement from what you see on TV.

Rod: But the shows seem so accurate about life on this planet, I thought they were correct about that.

Barry: There you go with the “historical records” bit again?

Rod: No, not that. But you see guys like Barney Fife….

Barry: Who I don’t think will ever get to fire that bullet he carries.

Rod: Roscoe P. Coltrane….

Barry: Couldn’t find the jail without Boss Hogg…

Rod: All of the guys on Barney Miller…..

Barry: Rod, that was a comedy. Do you think real police are like that?

Rod: How about Sheriff Carter on Eureka?

Barry: He’s a good cop. His problem is that he’s surrounded by all the eggheads!

Rod: How about the one we saw the other day…..Sheriff Lobo.

Barry: If he couldn’t catch BJ, he’s not as smart as Bear was.

Rod: Then there’s the tower of justice in the movies, in fact, that’s his name.

Barry: You don’t mean…..

Rod: That’s right…..Buford T. Justice.

Barry: He was a character in the movie played by a comedian named Jackie Gleason. All of these guys were characters in TV shows. They aren’t real.

Rod: Oh.

Barry: Well, we can be thankful for one thing…at least the one real guy on TV wasn’t at our door.

Rod: Who do you mean?

Barry: Dog the Bounty Hunter

Rod: SSSHHHH! That’s the guy the FBI guy said he’d send after us if we downloaded another movie.

Barry: By the way, what was the name of that FBI agent?

Rod: I think he said his name was Booth.

Barry: No Bones about it….they are good.


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