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Rant: Rod’s Matrix


Barry: Knock you out??? Are you out of your intergalactic mind??? It has taken me days to wake you up.

Rod: I know. It’s all your fault!!

Barry: My fault? Slow down there, Rip Van Rod and let’s talk about this.

Rod: What is there to talk about? You ruined my beautiful dream!

Barry: What beautiful dream, Rod? Talk to me! What do you remember since we were outside, making star observations?

Rod: Well I remember something hitting me in the head…..

Barry: Yeah…..a piece of meteor nailed you….

Rod: Then suddenly I was this character called Flavor Flav, with all the babes wanting me!

Barry: What happened next?

Rod: This guy dressed up in what earth people call “goth” rode up on a motorcycle. He threw a cloth over me and suddenly I was transported away.

Barry: Who was he?

Rod: I don’t know. They called him something Angel.

Barry: Anyway, you disappeared but where did you go?

Rod: I was at a very barren place, looking at this giant obelisk, then I was in a spacesuit with a computer saying “Good Morning, Rod.”

Barry: I kept saying that to you. I must have been getting through to you.

Rod: Then suddenly, I was in the Supreme Overlord’s arms.

Barry: That sounds like a nightmare!

Rod: It wasn’t. She was in love with me and was going to make me ruler of the universe when you woke me up, you dolt!

Barry: I know! It was my singing that did it.

Rod: Your singing?? YOUR SINGING??? That awful whining noise you call music?

Barry: Now, wait a minute….

Rod: No I won’t!

< A clanging noise is heard as Rod clobbers Barry with a bed pan and grabs the remote control.>

Rod: The ruler of this house now has his scepter back! Muhhhhaaaaaaa!

<Supreme Overlord is watching this on her monitor.>

Supreme Overlord: HE thinks that was a nightmare? He should think about it from my end!!!

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