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Rant: Golden Snitch


Barry: If this costume is so cool, why didn’t you wear it?

Rod: Not many people can pull off that costume. You look great!

Barry: Nope….not buying that line, and I’m not going out like this. Forget it!

Rod: Well…here. Try this costume.

<Rod pulls out a box from the closet and hands it to Barry.>

Barry: What is it?

Rod: Just put it on and hurry up!

<Barry goes into his room.>

Barry: Nope. Not wearing this one either. I look ridiculous.

Rod: Come out here so I can see.

<Barry comes out of the room, shaking his head.>

Rod: Wait…I know why it does not look right. Hang on.

<Rod goes to the garage and comes back a few minutes later.>

Rod: Here…put this on the wig.

Barry: Oil?

Rod: Yea, you know how oily Snape’s hair is.

Barry: But I don’t want to go as Snape. He’s evil!

Rod: No, he’s misunderstood. Dumbledore trusts him, so I trust him.

Barry: Either way, he’s ugly and I don’t want to go as him. Why can’t I go as Harry?

Rod: I won the coin toss fair and square. I have one costume left…do you want to go as Sirius?

Barry: Absolutely not. You know I don’t look good in stripes. Wait…I thought you had one more costume box delivered.

Rod: I did, but it was for the Supreme Overlord. I had it transported home yesterday.

Barry: Really? What costume was it?

Rod: I wanted to get one that I thought really fit her personality.

Barry: Oh? Hermione?

Rod: Nope.

Barry: Ginny?

Rod: Nope.

Barry: Which one then?

<The computer beeps, indicating they have a message.>

Rod: Computer, please read message.

Computer voice: Message from the Supreme Overlord – Who is Bellatrix Lestrange?

Barry: Oh, boy…

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