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Rant – Cash for Clunkers


Barry: Rod, you couldn’t have used it anyway, as they wanted old Earth cars, not spaceships.

Rod: Hey, it says Cash for Clunkers, and you can see that bird is a clunker.

Barry: From the look of the dome, it looks like it got clunked a few times too many.

Rod: Hey, it was my old man’s and you know how he drives.

Barry: Is that what you call it?

Rod: Watch it, now.

Barry: Earth people have an event that his “driving” would be perfect for.

Rod: Oh? What is that?

Barry: I believe they call it a demolition derby.

Rod: What is that?

Barry: It is an event that happens at things humans call “County Fairs”. Drivers drive in the event, trying to crash the other cars without losing their ability to move.

Rod: That sounds like a LOT of fun. How do they determine the winner?

Barry: That’s easy: it is the last car moving after all the others have been totaled.

Rod: Tell me more about it.

Barry: Well, all the cars enter the outdoor arena, and start smashing each other.

Rod: Surely they don’t use new ones.

Barry: Oh no. They use old banged up ones, like your dad’s old ship there. The engines work great in them and some are, well let’s say enhanced.

Rod: How do they wreck each other and still be able to move?

Barry: They try to hit the other guy’s engine with the rear part of their car.

Rod: You’ve given me a great idea… back in a bit

Barry: Why do I think I will regret this conversation?

<a few hours later a very dirty Rod returns and collapses on the couch.>

Barry: What in the name of the rings of Horta have you been doing?

Rod: I went and found a demolition derby and entered it.

Barry: Please tell me you didn’t…..

Rod: Oh yes I did. I fixed up the old man’s ship and entered it.

Barry: How did you do?

Rod: Well, I was demolishing cars left and right, till they black flagged me.

Barry: Black flagged? You got disqualified?

Rod: Yeah I did

Barry: Why?

Rod: Remember you told me about the Cash for Clunkers was for cars, even though the title didn’t specify it?

Barry: Yeah….

Rod: It seems that you can’t disintegrate your opponent’s cars in a demolition derby.

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