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Rant – Spock Accent


Barry: Why not blast the thing?

Rod: Barry, your urges to use violence on objects perplexes me.

Barry: My urge for protecting myself you mean.

Rod: Deflectors at maximum, the meteor will will be redirected now.


Rod: Fine, but it is illogical for you to shout at me and will not result in improved performance on my part in our situation.

Barry: *Sigh* Okay, what do we need to do about the compressor?

Rod: I will go down stairs, remove the faulty unit and replace it with one of our surplus ones.

Barry: Remember to wear your radiation suit. Remember what happened last time?

Rod: Acknowledged. Peace and Long Life, Barry!

Barry: Get it fixed and get back up here, Rod!

<Rod goes to the lower level of the ship.>

Barry: Can anything else go wrong?

<Buzzer sounds and the Supreme Overlord appears on the comm screen.>

Barry: I had to ask!

Supreme Overlord: Had to ask what?

Barry: Nothing, your worshipfulness. I was muttering about Rod….it’s an Earth habit.

Supreme Overlord: Make sure you do NOT bring that habit back with you.

Barry: Yes, your greatness.

Supreme Overload: And where is the other idiot?

Barry: The other idiot…ah…Rod is down stairs fixing the reactor.

Supreme Overlord: If he forgets his radiation suit again, when he recovers he’ll have more than that to recover from when I get through with him!

Barry: Yes, your greatness.

<The screen becomes a split screen and Rod appears on half of it.>

Rod: Supreme Overlord, I find your remarks about myself extremely disturbing.

Supreme Overlord: You do, eh? Anything else bothering you?

Rod: Yes, your constant negative remarks about mine and Barry’s mental capabilities are very illogical.

Supreme Overlord: Barry, how much Star Trek this time?

Barry: An all day marathon.

Supreme Overlord: I suspected as much. ROD! What are you holding?

Rod: The defective compressor from our reactor.

Supreme Overlord: And what in the name of the 13 planets are you NOT wearing?

<Rod looks down and an expression of horror comes over his face>

Rod: I have been, and always shall be…

<Rod falls over, unconscious.>

Supreme Overlord: Barry, go take care of that idiot and check in when he’s recovered.

<A little while later, the boys are back in their house on Earth. Rod is sitting on Barry’s lap>

Rod: <In a very childish voice.> Please read me another story, Daddy!


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