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Rant – Wonder Twins Power


Rod: Wait…what’s wrong…didn’t like my choice?

Barry: What good would it do to change into Britney Spears?

Rod: She’s hot! Better looking than Jayna anyway.

Barry: What good does that do in a fight?

Rod: Well…uh…wait, what about water? What good does that do?

Barry: Water is very handy in a fight. I could put out fire. That’s important.

Rod: Yea, but Zan turns into neat forms of water, not just plain water. I mean, how often do you have to put out a fire in a fight?

Barry: A lot more than you would be able to use Britney Spears.

Rod: Ok, so maybe she’s not the best choice…

Barry: The Wonder Twins are not real heroes anyway.

Rod: At least they have powers. Not like Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog. They were stupid.

Barry: Yea, and Gleek was way more cool than Wonderdog.

Rod: So, if you could be a sidekick to any superhero, who would you pick?

Barry: Yuck…who would want to be a sidekick? All they do is get into trouble and have to be rescued by their hero.

Rod: Ok, you be the hero, and I’ll be your sidekick. What powers would you have?

Barry: Mind control is all I would need.

Rod: Why is that?

Barry: So I could control your mind and keep you out of trouble.

Rod: Hey! I don’t get into trouble.

Barry: All sidekicks get into trouble. But, I’m not sure my idea would work anyway.

Rod: What, you don’t think you could control my strong, intelligent mind?

Barry: No, I’m thinking more that there would not be enough there for me to control.

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