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Rant – Corny


Barry: You know, you really get into Earth customs.

Rod: Why, thank you, Rod.

Barry: But you keep going overboard when you do!

Rod: Why do you say that?

Barry: These costumes! Look on the TV. You don’t see folks dressing up for their feast with their family!

Rod: You saw the Earth kids wearing them.

Barry: But their educational units were teaching them about the Pilgrims coming to their new home.

Rod: And that is what we are honoring.

Barry: But look at this one, there is a family having Thanksgiving dinner with out costumes.

Rod: Okay, Okay!! I was just trying to get us in the mood.

Barry: I will say that you are in a better mood than you were when you were trying to make the Pumpkin Pie the first time using that recipe from World of Warcraft.

Rod: I told you, I thought since it was in the game, that it was a good recipe.

Barry: But just honey and pumpkin with no crust??? That’s a pudding, not a pie!

Rod: But what about that turkey!

Barry: It looks and smells wonderful. You did a great job! What’s the red stuff?

Rod: That is Cranberry Chutney, made with cranberries and honey.

Barry: Okay…..I see we are having a Pilgrim’s Bounty meal after all. What is that inside the turkey?

Rod: Spice Bread Stuffing.

Barry: All WoW recipes? I wonder where there is a WoW Anonymous meeting. Augh!

Rod: Back on the costumes, you saw on World of Warcraft that they had pilgrims in the game this week. That is another reason I decided to have us dress up.

Barry: Yeah I saw that, but I’m really puzzled about one thing.

Rod: What’s that?

Barry: Where were the Indians?

Rod: I think the designers of the game were trying to keep it simple and avoid a very hard job.

Barry: What was that?

Rod: Have you ever tried to put a Tauren in an Indian costume?


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