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Rant – Spinach


<A very ill Rod returns in a little while>

Barry: Did that help?

Rod: Just a little bit, but not much.

Barry: I thought after last month’s problem, you had learned your lesson.

Rod: Don’t remind me!

Barry: You ate all those carrots because of something Bugs Bunny said. Are you EVER going to learn?

Rod: I still say my eyesight is better.

Barry: And so is the grocer’s bank account!

Rod: But this looked so good! Popeye eats a can, his muscles bulge out, and he clobbers the bad guy.

Barry: Why didn’t you stop when your muscles didn’t swell up after the first can.

Rod: I thought maybe it took more for us since we aren’t from Earth.

Barry: But a whole case?

Rod: I thought sure that would work.

Barry: Oh, I can see it’s working alright.

Rod: Well, after all the people on TV talking about consuming a more healthy diet, I was trying to follow their advice.

Barry: If you are going to do that, you have to stop eating all those candy bars and snacks.

Rod: Don’t talk about food right now.

Barry: And you have to quit getting those three large order of fries with your hamburgers.

Rod: Please don’t……

Barry: And you have to start eating salads instead of instead of some of the junk food.

Rod: Salads…….lettuce……GREEN!

<Rod is out of the room at breakneck speed>

Barry: <chuckles and sings> He’s ill at the finish, he ate too much spinach, Popeye the Sailor he’s not!


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