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Rant – Deal or No Deal


Barry: Don’t you get it? The object of the game is to get the money!

Rod: Who cares about the money? Look at those models!!!

Barry: I know the models are beautiful, but look at all the money they are giving away!

Rod: Barry, you are the one, along with everyone else, who doesn’t get it!

Barry: Okay, I’ll bite. What am I not getting?

Rod: Look, if there was a Deal or No Deal on our planet and you won the million, what would happen?

Barry: That’s easy….about half of it vanishes in taxes.

Rod: Exactly! And I’ll bet that is what happens to the winnings on this rock also!

Barry: Okay I give you that one, but you still have what is left.

Rod: Barry, are you even alive? Money you can get anywhere, but where else can you get 26 beautiful models?

Barry: At a fashion show?

Rod: And you think I need help sometimes!

Barry: Okay, which one is your favorite?

Rod: All of them

Barry: Come on, Rod! You have to have one that really catches your eye.

Rod: Well…………

Barry: Come on, out with it!

Rod: I like the one with the short, curly blond hair! When she is on the screen, the TV is smoking.

Barry: Along with the smoke coming out of your ears!

Rod: Okay, turn around is fair play. Which one do you like best?

Barry: That’s easy! Number 13.

Rod: BARRY! 13 is a very unlucky number!

Barry: Well, the last show, she’s the one that had the million!

Rod: Hmmm…….13 is unlucky…… one picks it because of that…….the money gets put there……….We have discovered a conspiracy!

Barry: You’ve been watching Jesse Ventura too much! Besides, they put it in different cases all the time.

Rod: Darn! I thought I had something to contact him about. Oh well……

<A buzzer sounds and the Supreme Overlord appears on the screen>

Supreme Overlord: I’ve got a deal to offer you two lazy silverbricks! Get off that couch and get back to work or you’ll see no income from me for a very long time! Deal or no deal?


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