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Rant – Love Notes

Rod: Romantic?? Are you out of your mind????

Barry: I think it is very romantic.

Rod: There wasn’t a romantic letter in that entire note!

Barry: Yes there was and it got me right here! <points to heart>

Rod: Did you listen to the note I read to you?

Barry: Yes I did.

Rod: Did you hear where she want us to get the Earth scouted out for destruction?

Barry: Sadly, yes.

Rod: Did you hear where she said if we didn’t she’d cut our hearts out?

Barry: Absolutely.

Rod: And give our hearts to her Tilaxian dogs for Breakfast?

Barry: Loud and clear!

Rod: And you still think that was romantic?

Barry: It most certainly was!

Rod: And where did you get your sense of romance…..Earth’s Marquis de Sade?

Barry: Of course not.

Rod: Okay, I give up! Show me where she was romantic.

Barry: Two reasons: first, she has a strong love for her dogs! Most owners throw the bodies to them and make the dogs dig the heart out.

Rod: I’m scared to hear the second one.

Barry: Second, she showed she cares for us deeply!

Rod: Where in that note of death did you see that?

Barry: Normally, instead of cutting out hearts, she throws her victims to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal!

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