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Rant – Silly String

Barry: What happened?

Rod: Nothing. You just went through the “web” and hit your head against the tree. Thankfully, everything is going to be okay.

Barry: Thanks! I was worried I’d hurt myself.

Rod: Actually I was talking about the tree. Your hard head didn’t damage it.

Barry: Your level of concern is underwhelming.

Rod: I am concerned. You put that tree, which is a native life form on this rock, in danger!

Barry: What do you mean in danger? I was the one in danger when my web failed.

Rod: I was worried about you till I saw you hit your head. I knew you were okay then.

Barry: Thanks a lot…..NOT!

Rod: What do you expect? Using “Silly String” to make a web, using that poor tree? You could have poisoned that innocent tree.

Barry: Rod, it is just a tree. It is a plant and you know the rules regarding plants on our home world.

Rod: But that is there and this is Earth. Besides that, what in the name of the Doctor made you think that you could make a web with this stuff….

Barry: I did it….

Rod: And whatever gave you the motivation to think it would support your weight…

Barry: It works for Spiderman….

Rod: And why did you attempt it using our ship, knowing that the radiation from its reactor caused some substances, especially the stuff in this can, to become weakened.

Barry: Ah……eh………I forgot about that.

Rod: What makes you think you can be like Spiderman? You have not been bitten by a genetically altered spider!

Barry: I just looks so easy in the movie.

Rod: That explains it.

Barry: What do you mean?

Rod: Easy is all your brain can handle.

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