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Rant – Jelly Beans

Barry: Watch it, Jelly Belly!

Rod: I mean it! Did you see how fast that woman took off after seeing you?

Barry: How do you know it wasn’t from seeing you, oh pink one?

Rod: You are acting as blind as an Oscar voter.

Barry: Okay, explain that one real fast!

Rod: You are acting just like one of the voters for Best Picture who voted to give it to The Hurt Locker instead of the best picture of the year, Avatar.

Barry: Avatar was good, but it apparently wasn’t the best.

Rod: How can you say that, standing there looking like that, blue boy?

Barry: Because that is what the Academy voted, so it must be true.

Rod: So, you are going to let folks who know nothing about you decide what you think the best picture is?

Barry: Why not? They make them, so they should know.

Rod: What they should know is that the ticket sales and revenue from Avatar kicked every movie’s butt last year! Everyone loved it, except the Academy.

Barry: And they are the ones that matter!

Rod: Baloney! They are a group of folks so out of touch with the world that they wouldn’t know a great movie if it slipped up behind them and kicked them in the butt! How could they vote for Hurt Locker? No CGI, no science fiction, no aliens!

Barry: But it was a story of real men who are fighting for their country. It reflects courage, heroism, and lots of drama.

Rod: It was about as much a best picture as your chances of going over there and getting a date in less than five minutes.

Barry: Time me.

<Three minutes later, Barry is heading for the door with a lady on each arm.>

Barry: You were saying?

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